Week 4 and 5 of The Pinterest Fitness Challenege!

I have not done a good job blogging my activities each week like I promised. I set out with the ambitious goal of blogging twice a week. This soon dropped to once a week, and then I skipped two weeks. But, I have kept on working out, and I realize that this blog is not about being perfect. It’s not about always exercising every day or making the perfect dessert or having the most Pinterest-worthy photographs. It’s about real life. So, real life happens! Your 7 month old discovers scooting, which soon evolves into crawling, and then progresses to trying to climb stuff!  You just thought you had your home baby-proofed!  You soon realize that your little smarty pants has a dangerous item detector, and whatever she should not play with she goes after!  At least all this happens at MY house. Also spring colds or as we like to call them “allergies” strike. Someone has been sick in my house for the last two weeks which really puts blogging on the back burner.  Needless to say, I have been chasing my little Haddie all over the apartment, so by the time she is napping, I feel like I have already worked out. But, I did fit in a little bit of a work out the last two weeks. And I do feel that my poor, postpartum abs are stronger despite my failings at consistency.

Week 4:

Monday: I actually did the Wake-up Workout in the morning yay!! And I did the Plank Challenge.

Tuesday: How to Rebuild Your Core Post-Pregnancy, and The Best Butt Workout, (which works your abs, and  arms a little bit as well)

Wednesday: All I had time for was a quick Wake-Up Workout in the morning, before dashing off to do errands.

Thursday: Was one of those days that I was so tired I didn’t exercise.

Friday: I went to a Fiesta event with some friends and did a lot of walking, so I will count that. ( I probably ate enough Mexican food to counteract the exercise, though.)

Saturday: I went walking along my in-laws’ neighborhood

Sunday: We did even more walking to get bluebonnet pictures

( I count every little bit I can get as exercise)

Week 5

I pretty much dropped the ball. I did not exercise at all Monday or Tuesday.

But on Wednesday I really pushed it and did a long exercise routine. I warmed up with the Wake-Up Workout, and then I moved on to the No Crunch Ab Workout, and finished with the Best Butt Workout.

Thursday: I did Yoga Buddies with Haddie because, well let’s face it, naps are sometimes prime time to get something else done (like nap), and she is crawling, so I needed to occupy her.

Friday, unless you want to count massive house-cleaning and sewing projects, I did not work out, but I did break a sweat, and my closet flooded so I had to do heavy lifting.

Saturday: I did more Fiesta walking and visited Market Square in downtown San Antonio.

It’s been a wonderful 30 days and I’m hoping to keep up with exercising daily throughout the summer. Check out my pinterest Fitness Challenge board and see what new exercises I pin this summer.


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Pinterest Fitness Challenge Week 3

I’m been behind on typing my work out blog posts. I’m really on week 5 and though I’ve been slow in posting I’m still working out.

I’m really pleased that I’m already seeing some results. I feel like my legs are more toned and maybe my arms are a little stronger, but what really matters is that I am starting to really enjoy and value my few minutes of exercise. It’s a part of the day that I don’t have to focus on baby, laundry, dishes or any other task.  It feels good just to move.  I can either listen to music, or, if I need silence,(and the baby is asleep) then I can just enjoy a few minutes of amazing, rare, peace and quiet.

Monday: I started out the week strong with Wake-up Work Out, Post Baby Ab Rehab, Plank Challenge, and I did part of the exercise routine 14 Moves to a Perfect Bubble Butt, which was really hard, so I couldn’t make it all the way through, but I made it to the supermans.

Tuesday: I always procrastinate, so I just did the Wake Up Work Out. Again I did it at night and the plank challenge.  Maybe next week I’ll do the Wake Up Work Out in the morning…

Wednesday: I decided to go on a long walk in place of a work out and skipped the Pinterest exercises… hey at least I did something! Even if you end up at a clothing store, it counts as exercise if a long walk is involved, right?

Thursday: Haddie was having trouble napping, so I did the Yoga Buddies work out with her. She loved it, but it was harder to keep her interest since she has hit the new mile stone of crawling/scooting, but we managed. I also did 5 Ways to Work Out Your Abs Without Crunches, and I did the Best Butt Work Out Ever which, was challenging, but I think I can do it almost every day because it only took me 10 min, and wow, it burned!

Friday: We continued to have nap troubles, so we did the Yoga Buddies, Plank Challenge, 5 Min. Arm Work Out for Slim Strong Arms, and again The Best Butt Work Out, which really is the best.  Don’t just take my word for it.  Try it!

I may have had a little mid-week slump, but I finished the last two days of strong.

Pinterest Exercise Challenge week 2

Easter week was a hard week to keep exercising!

– Monday, I did a good job incorporating a variety of exercises. I did the “Postnatal Yoga Buddies,” “Wake-up Workout,” “ 30 day Plank Challenge” and normal crunches.

-Tuesday, I attend a Bible study, and Tuesday is normally my busy day. I have the car that day, so I try to pack in as many errands as I can. I procrastinated working out until late that night, and I just did the “Wake Up Work Out.” I know…I know it was a little backward because I was trying to go to bed when I did the “ Wake-up Work Out,” but, hey, you do what you have to do.

-Wednesday, I really pushed myself to do a full work out and not to skimp. I warmed up to “The Wake-Up Work Out” and then did “5 Minute Yoga for Strong Slim Arms.” I wanted to try some new exercises, So I did the “Drop a Pant Size Work Out,” but I would only do it all the way through one time, not 3 times like it says to do because my poor, out-of-shape muscles started shaking!  Lastly, I tried the “Post Pregnancy Core Rebuilding.” I heard the baby waking up from her nap, so I quickly did “The Plank Challenge” to close my work out.

Thursday: I took a rest day — kind of.  I was getting ready to go out of town so I skipped …oops.

Friday –Sunday: My family went camping at Inks Lake which was very fun and crazy, but that’s a story for another post. I deviated from doing Pinterest exercises and went swimming, canoeing, and hiking.

It’s been harder than I thought to remember to fit working out in my day, but I really am starting to enjoy it more.

***Sorry I’m a little behind in my fitness blog, but I have been working out this week and will post about it sometime next week.***

You Know “One of Those Days”

We all have those days. You know what I’m talking about. That day the kid pukes in McDonalds, the day you leave you wallet at home to go grocery shopping, the list goes on. I have a lot of “those days,” and in honor of my daughter’s 6 month Birthday I  want to share one such day with you.

I’m pushing my beautiful newborn daughter, Hadassah, in her stroller through Ross looking for cheap clothes to fit my post-baby body. People are telling me how she is so beautiful and random strangers are smiling. I’m feeling oh so proud to be a mommy. She is only a few weeks old at this point, and she is maybe 7lbs. She is a pretty tiny little girl. Suddenly, out of the blue I hear the loudest –how do I say this delicately? —“bodily function” noise I’ve ever heard! I don’t even know if a sumo wrestler could beat that little girl’s toot. A smell envelopes the isle I’m on. I look at what had once been the smiling faces of congratulation all around to see them replaced with faces of disdain and disgust. A sudden realization flows over me: they all think I did that…that I made that awful noise! I mean, who would think a little baby could make that loud of a noise. I look at her, oblivious to the discomfort she has brought to me, her face turning bright red with the effort of her internal struggle.  Then out bursts another one. I smile weakly at Haddie, speaking a little loudly in hopes that those around might hear. “Are you pooping honey?” I try to wrap up my shopping as the disapproval surrounds me like a heavy fog. As I dash for the register, my beet-red baby girl starts grunting loudly. I think it may have even echoed. We finally make it to the register, and I can’t find my wallet. As if just for grins, fate makes me stop and bask in my own embarrassment.  As I dig in the depths of my diaper bag, a chuckle escapes my lips, and I hand the woman behind the counter my debit card and sigh.  “You know,” I tell her.  “It’s just one of those days.” As I walk away I think it’s all worth it, and I have to call my mom to tell her what happened today. I don’t think it will be the last time I have one of those embarrassing crazy days, but at least they make good stories.

Pinterest Fitness challenge Week 1 Part 2

The Fitness challenge has been a real test of consistency. Actually making myself do at least 15 minutes of exercise daily is tough!

Day 2, Tuesday: was MOPs ( Mothers of Preschoolers) day, and I was feeling extra exhausted, so I procrastinated.  I put off my exercise routines until about 9:30 p.m. when I decided I better make myself do it before going to bed. Needless to say, I did not listen to peppy workout music but did the bare minimum work out. I did the “Wake up Workout” and the Plank Challenge. That was it, but I was glad I at least did something. Baby steps… baby steps.  And accountability.  Thank you, Blog!

Day 3, Wednesday:  Hadassah didn’t want to take an early morning nap, so we ended up exercising together. We listened to a Spotify workout play list, and Hadassah really enjoyed the music.  I started out with the “Yoga Buddies Workout Moves” which Hadassah loved, She thinks it’s one big game. By the way, the exercise of laying flat on your back with legs bent and the baby resting on your shins while you bounce them up and down is a killer leg work-out! Then I did the “Wake up work out” after which I moved on to focus on my problem area, my weak arms, by doing the “Five Minute Yoga Routine for Strong Slim Arms.” I need to do this so that I can carry my ever-growing daughter!  Last, but certainly not easiest, I did the “30 day Plank Challenge” and the second day of the “30 Day Beach Body Challenge.” I am not looking forward to trying burpees tomorrow. I’m not sure if I can do 50 so I may just start out with 10.

Day 4 Thursday: So after a rough night with my beautiful daughter not sleeping well, I woke up feeling far from motivated to exercise, so I waited until I had had a little time to wake up and adjust to the day.   After my daughters nap and a few minutes of rest for me, too,  I got myself up to exercise. Hadassah was awake again, and she makes a perfect exercise buddy. She rolls on the floor and thinks watching mom jump up and down is funny. I started out again with “ Yoga Buddies Workout Moves,” which she thinks is hilarious, and also incorporated her into my stretching. I basically just talked to her and gave her kisses while I exercised, and she loved all the attention. Then I did the two thirty day challenges. The “30-day Beach Body Challenge” was by far the hardest. Who ever made up burpees is truly a cruel individual. I only made it to ten sort of burpee-looking things. I am so glad that it was just the baby there to see me do them. I also did the “Five Minute Yoga Routine for Strong Slim Arms.” I probably will do this one for the entire challenge as my arms are just that weak.  I decided I wanted to do some new exercises and did the “Three Moves to Target Your Post-pregnancy Pooch” which I really liked.  It wasn’t as intense as some ab workouts can be, but I think it will help to strengthen my core. Last of all I decided to do “Six Easy Exercises to Slim Your Inner Thighs” This is mainly a lot of ballet barre work, so I really enjoyed this routine.


**Let me know what your favorite Pinterest Exercises are!***